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ESO: Optimizing Your Business

No operation is perfect, but every operation can be optimized. Our exclusive ESO methodology helps you achieve peak performance by implementing those improvements that have a true net benefit and avoiding those that don't really help. And peak performance is the best any operation can achieve.

Can ESO make a difference in your operation? Check out our new ESO Advantage calculator. Then contact us to see how your operation can be optimized.

Project Management

To be successful your project must be well executed without excessive overhead. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), I know how to do it right. As an experienced manager, I also know how to scale project management to meet your needs without excess 'administrivia'. The result: a real chance of getting the results you want within the time and budget you approved.


What is the best way to hit your goal? Answer that and you have a strategy. Add details and rationale and you have a complete plan.

Both business plans and product / service plans are critical to the success of your operation. Done well, they are invaluable. Done poorly they can be a complete waste of time. Or worse—roadmaps to failure. Let us help develop your plans and strategies and bring your operation to full fruition.

Management Support

Use DTH and Associates for management support, training, organizational development and more. Or for employee coaching, helping them while getting the skills and performance your need. With over 35 years of experience, few situations are beyond reach.